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Building Foundations for Success

Intellectual growth and school achievement is determined long before children enter public schools. Studies show that 50 percent of intellectual development actually occurs before age four. That is a compelling reason why the preschool environment must be more than just a safe place to leave a child.

Precious Gifts Day Care Center aims to provide childcare, inspiration and aid for the betterment of our community.

Where Bright Beginnings Start...
Your child's introduction to learning took place the day he/she was born. Right from the start, children are exposed to new sights, sounds and textures. The learning environments, both at home and in a childcare setting, will greatly impact your child's development.

Like all parents, you want the very best for your children…
It's what makes you human. And when it comes to education, you want to provide your kids with an opportunity for growth in a positive environment. When you enroll your child in Precious Gifts Day Care Center's infant, toddler, pre-school or pre-kindergarten programs, you are providing them with a solid educational foundation where skills are leaned, respect is taught and happiness is shared.

With over 20 years of combined experience…
Precious Gifts Day Care Center's professional staff jumpstarts infants' development by stimulating their learning process to be receptive to discovery. We motivate toddlers by providing them with safe outlets for their curiosity so they can explore with confidence. Our childcare team fuels preschoolers' creative thinking to solidify their interest in learning.

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