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Toddlers' Curriculum

    Toddlers Program Highlights
  • Engages your toddler in a more structured, academic daily schedule
  • Hundreds of research-based activities
  • Activities led by children's individual skills and interests
  • Promotes physical, creative, and social/emotional development

Your baby's first years are critical to success in school, relationships, and life. Precious Gifts Daycare, LLC provices babies as young as six weeks old with genuine love and affection, and constant attention to developmental needs.

Infants are cared for in a warm, loving, infant-only environment - similar to the one they have at home - where they can build trust in themselves and those who care for them. While in our care, your child will continue to receive intellectual and physical stimulation to foster development.

Our infant curriculum consists of developmentally appropriate activities designed to help your infant reach key milestones. As a parent, you are assured that your child is exposed to different stimuli and learning activities at the developmentally age appropriate pace.

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