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June 2007 Newsletter

Reminder: Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is June 1st, therefore all monthly tuition payments will be due first thing in the morning.

Cubbie Check: Please go through your child's Cubby. Its important that your child has proper clothing in case they need it.

School Folder: Don't forget to check your child's school folder for their days work and any other messages from myself or your child's teacher.

Water Bottles: These are a very important item for your child during outside play so please make sure and send one in, in case you haven't already done so.

Labeling: Don't forget to label your child's belongings. Initials work nicely also. Especially jackets - the teachers and myself are having a rough time figuring out whose jacket is whose. Your help in this area, is greatly appreciated.

Days Closed: N/A

Early Closings: N/A

The Staff of Precious Gifts
   Ms. Darlene, Pre-K Teacher
   Ms. Sharon, Consulting Teacher
   Ms. Bobby Jo, Infant Care Giver
   Ms. Jeannie, Infant Care Giver
   Ms. Tiffany, Teachers Aide
   Ms. Kristen, Pre-School Teacher
   Ms. Liana, Teachers Aide

Don't Forget:

TO SIGN IN AND OUT! Some of you are still not doing this.

E-MAIL … Don’t forget, if you have something you need to speak with a me about, please feel free to email me at

MILK FUND - Please don’t forget to donate. Obviously, I cannot make you donate, but if your child drinks the milk that we supply, than please help replenish this fund.

OUTSIDE PLAY - Now that the weather will be getting nicer please apply sunscreen to your children prior to coming to school. We are going to take full advantage of the nice weather by reading stories and even doing lessons outside and as always, I want to make sure that the children are protected. Lastly, please send in a bottle of sunscreen so we can apply it in the afternoon as well.

Suggestions: My door is always open to suggestions. I always love to hear new ideas so don't hesitate to drop me a note.

Upcoming Events:

Mystery Reader: I would like to continue with this program, so any time you would like to come in and read for us, please let me know.

6/15: Graduation - At 4pm, the children will have their “Moving Up” ceremony. Please invite whomever you would like. This is your child’s moment to shine, so please mark you calendars now.

6/22/07: The Rainforest Café - to round out our theme, we’ll be taking a visit to the Rainforest Café for a tour and lunch. I would greatly appreciate any child under 2, be accompanied by an adult. If you would like to chaperone please let Ms. Cheryl know.

This month we will be doing a lot of review. The teachers will review all letters, shapes, numbers and colors.

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